Roof Restoration Croydon North, Melbourne

A Roof ResQ Project

Before Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration Croydon North | Before | Roof ResQ

After Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration Croydon North | After | Roof ResQ

Project: Cement Tile Roof Restoration
Location: Croydon North, Melbourne
Area: Melbourne East

Roof Restoration Details

This 2 story home is about 30 years old.

The cement tiles had were badly pitted and absorbing water putting far too much weight on the roof trusses.

The gutters were not flowing and causing water to pool which caused water to get into the fascia board which was causing wood rote in the corners.

Roof Resq first removed all the old gutters and down pipes and then removed the damaged sections of the fascia board.

Because of a large laser light pergola at the rear of the house we used a long reach boom to gain access to the second story gutters and fascia board.

After replacing the wood rot with primed timber we installed color-bond fascia cover to all the fascia boards and barge boards, this means no more painting EVER.

The color-board barge board covers were made at our sister company Roofing Options Centre.

We then fitted the new gutters and down pipes.

The cement tiles required a Dulux Acra-Tex high build sealer to build strength.

The Client chose charcoal for the 2 top coats of Dulux Acra-Tex roof membrane.

The roof now protects the home and looks amazing!