Roof Restoration Glenroy, Melbourne

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Before Roof Restoration

Rood Restoration Glenroy | Before | Rood Restoration Melbourne | Roof ResQ

After Roof Restoration

Rood Restoration Glenroy | After | Rood Restoration Melbourne | Roof ResQ

Project: Cement Tile Roof Restoration
Location: Glenroy, Melbourne
Area: Melbourne North

Roof Restoration Details

This home in Glenroy had many issues with the roof and gutters including wood rot in the facia board and eaves. The roof required a full restoration including a chimney soak (flashing).

The gutters and downpipes were rusted and overflowing into the eaves and facia board causing wood rot.

We started this job by removing all the facia wood rot, and replacing it with primed facia board.

We then installed COLOR-BOND facia cover which means the Client will never have to paint the facia board again. We also arranged the old ugly electrical junction to be replaced with better unit.

Then we installed new color-bond gutters and down pipes. The tiles required a Dulux Acra-tex high build sealer to build up strength. Then 2 coats of Dulux Acra-tex roof membrane in a biscuit colour.

What a fantastic result, the house is now as pretty as a picture.

The Client loves her beautiful maintenance free roof and so do we!

Before Roof Restoration

After Roof Restoration