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The middle of a storm is not a great time to discover you have roof issues. RoofResQ's free professional roof inspection can prevent major issues for you and your family during storms and major rain events by highlighting areas of your roof that need immediate attention and outlining solutions. Ensure you and your home are protected from the elements. Don't wait for water ingress to damage your property, act now! Get your FREE 50 point roof inspection from Roof ResQ, Melbourne's first choice in roof restoration.

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Question About Roof Restorations

We believe that your roof is the first line of defence for protecting your number 1 investment, your home. Because of this, your roof then becomes first contact with the sun, wind and rain which can take a toll on your roof over time.  To keep your roof in great shape it may require some preventative maintenance, or restoration from time to time.

Sometimes the signs that a roof restoration is required are obvious, eg you have water leaking through your ceiling, etc. It's preferable to prevent these kind of issues before they happen though. So, to do this, let's look at a few tell tale signs that a restoration may be approaching.

The following FAQs will help you determine if it's time to call in a roof restoration professional to keep the roof that covers your family's head in perfect condition!

How can I tell I need to have my roof restored?

We recommend you seek the guidance of a qualified roof restoration specialist to really determine the state of your roof. Having said that, a quick look at your roof will give you some clues it's time to call the professionals.

There's no need to get on a ladder - leave that to the pros. View your roof from a distance.

Tile Roof

  • Look at the ridge caps first. These are the tiles that cover the joins at the top of the roof. Are there any signs of caps slipping? Is the mortar (cement, pointing) breaking away or missing? Are all the caps still there? Are any broken?
  • Check the valleys between the tile sections. Is there sign of rust? Often the cement from broken pointing will find its way here.
  • Is there a large amount of lichen or moss on the roof? At the very least it may be time to have it cleaned.
  • Are there any broken or slipping tiles?

Metal Roof

  • Look for rust. Rust is a sure sign that your roof requires some attention.
  • Check the ridge line. Are the ridges secure? Do you see signs of movement or ridges popping up?
  • Is there a large amount of lichen or moss on the roof? At the very least it may be time to have it cleaned.

If you spot any of these things, it's worth getting a FREE 50 point inspection from Roof ResQ. It may be time to consider a roof restoration.

How much does a roof restoration cost?

This varies from roof to roof. It depends on many factors, from the number of issues to the size of roof, etc. Our FREE, no obligation, 50 point roof inspection will include not only the issues discovered with your roof, it includes the cost of restoring your roof. 

What areas do you service?

Currently Roof ResQ is servicing Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. If you would like to confirm if we can assist you with your roof restoration, call us on 1300 911 RESQ.