Why You Should Have a Qualified Professional Check Your Roof

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Should you get a qualified professional to check your roof or can you do it yourself?

This is a great question. The answer is both yes and no, but there are some caveats.

There's a saying in cricket circles about whether or not to bat when you win the toss. It goes something like this: if you win the toss, think about bowling first, then bat!

The same logic can be applied to checking your roof, ie think about doing it yourself, and then have a professional do it!

Having said that, there are some things you can quickly, and safely, do yourself.

What you can do yourself

The easiest thing you can do is give your roof a visual inspection, from the ground! For example:

  • Look at your gutters. Are they intact? Are they sagging, or rusting? Are they showing signs of being clogged, eg is there visible leaf build up, or grass or other plant life growing in them?
  • Check to see if your gutters are overflowing during rain events, particularly heavy events.
  • Same goes for downpipes. Are they flowing freely, or is there signs of blockage or disrepair.
  • Can you see build up of debris in the roof valleys? Is there signs of rust, or broken tiles or point work?
  • Can you see visible signs of tile displacement, or metal corrosion?

In short, look for signs of damage or disrepair form the safety of the ground!

We advise against getting up on ladders. Leave this for the pros! 

What to leave to the professionals

If you're thinking you might need a professional to check your roof, you probably do!

A qualified professional will see things you are likely to miss, and they are comfortable with height and across all the safety requirements. They also have all the necessary equipment!

Quite often you'll be able to get a report for a minimal fee, or sometimes for free. In fact, we offer a FREE 50 point roof inspection. This is thorough inspection, without obligation. Is it worth risking your neck when you can have a professional report for free? We think not.

Look, whether it's us, or some other company, we believe it involves a ladder, it's best left to the pros.

Still, before you get just anyone to examine your roof, ask what they will be providing at the end of the process. Will there be a report so you can really understand the state of your roof, or just a verbal report. Don't be afraid to ask for referrals or testimonials from previous customers. A pro won't mind. In fact, they'll welcome it!